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Here is the GT/CS registry statistics for NQ (Blaze Yellow )

Here is the Blaze Yellow Stats based on the cars in my data base

GT/CS Convertibles GT/CS Coupes Total of GT/CS for 2012
710 1,863 2,573
GT/CS Convertibles in Blaze Yellow GT/CS Coupes in Blaze Yellow Total of GT/CS for 2012
34 58 92
2012 Coupes 2012 Convertibles
Auto 3.15 28 Auto 3.15 20
Manual 3.316 Manual 3.314
Manual 3.55 5 Manual 3.55 10
Manual 3.73 19 Manual 3.73 0
Shaker 500 (912)45 Shaker 500 (912)28
Shaker 1000 (918)6 Shaker 1000 (918)13
Comfort Package (53B)41 Comfort Package (53B)32
HID Lights (51H)34 HID Lights (51H)30
Security Package (43S)34 Security Package (43S)30
Electronics Package (58N)12 Electronics Package (58N)18
Remote Start (603)3 Remote Start (603)5
Glass Roof (59G)11 Glass Roof (59G)N/A
N/AN/A Cloth Black Roof34
N/AN/A Boot Cover (59B)29

Last updated 3/30/2013

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