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Here is the GT/CS registry statistics for U6 (Red Candy )

GT/CS Convertibles GT/CS Coupes Total of GT/CS for 2011
1,133 2,509 3,642
GT Convert. in UX Ingot Silver GT Coupes in U6 Red Candy Total GT built in U6 Red Candy for 2011
229 383 612

Here is the Candy Red Stats based on car model and options

2011 Coupes 2011 Convertibles
Auto 3.15 167 Auto 3.15 144
Manual 3.3145 Manual 3.3153
Manual 3.55 56 Manual 3.55 32
Manual 3.73 115 Manual 3.73 0
Shaker 500 (912)345 Shaker 500 (912)211
Shaker 1000 (918)38 Shaker 1000 (918)18
Comfort Package (53B)273 Comfort Package (53B)195
HID Lights (51H)175 HID Lights (51H)127
Security Package (43S)287 Security Package (43S)173
Electronics Package (58N)118 Electronics Package (58N)102
GT PKG #47 GT PKG #425
Remote Start34 Remote Start29
Glass Roof (59G)52 Glass Roof (59G)N/A
N/AN/A Vinyl Black Roof13
N/AN/A Cloth Black Roof216
N/AN/A Boot Cover (59B)211

Last updated 3/25/2011

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